First ShadowCam PDS Release!

Data Portal SahdowCam PDS data at the South Pole
Footprint plot of the just released ShadowCam observations around the south pole [NASA/KARI/Arizona State University].

The ShadowCam team is excited to announce the time has arrived for the first release of ShadowCam data into the PDS!

The Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO, also known as Danuri) has been in orbit around the Moon for a little over a year. This initial ShadowCam release includes data from the KPLO cruise phase, the commissioning phase, and the first two months of the primary mission phase (August 2022 through 31 March 2023). This release includes Earth and Moon images acquired during the cruise phase, star scans, calibration images, many images peering into permanently shadowed regions (PSRs), and more! Future PDS releases for ShadowCam observations will be every three months, with the next data release in June 2024.

Data products in this release include raw and calibrated observations. Each observation also includes several derived products such as Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFFs (COGs), histogram CSV files, and smear maps to help view the data or interpret the observation more easily. Users can find more details on data formats, the ShadowCam instrument, and calibration in the document collection within the archive.

In addition to the PDS archive, we have released the ShadowCam PDS dataset into the data portal operated by the Science Operations Center (SOC). This portal lets you search this and other datasets managed by the SOC using both a map and an advanced search interface. ShadowCam observations in the data portal allow full-resolution viewing of all data, context maps, interactive histograms, and dynamic stretching of the 32-bit data directly from your web browser. You can also download all available products to process or use on your systems.

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Posted by Nick Estes on 2 March 2024